Transforming the direction of troubled youths

The only counter to fear is love. The state of our world today reflects radical fear, therefore the work that is required of us is radical love.

Conscious Consulting inspires the philosophy of growing as a true friend from one to another and constructing the capablities to do so.

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Conscious Consulting offers a rigorous catalog of project-based learning experiences centered on companies mastering concepts in emerging sociological areas. Services including "Equity/Social Justice Assessment" (Required for Staff Workshops), "Social Justice Education for Professionals" (Staff Workshops), "Social Justice Education for Teachers" (Staff Workshops), "Decolonization Development" (For People of Color), "Curriculum or Program Development & Design", "Specific Project Support", and "Coaching & Counseling"

SmallWorld joined Conscious Consulting to craft their brand from the ground up. The primary deliverable is Conscious Consulting's cutting-edge, custom-developed web application, fully scalable to fit their intake, feedback, evaluation, and file hosting needs. In addition, SmallWorld crafted their logo, style guide, and marketing strategy for the 2017 year.

Skill, communication, authenticity, transparency, and trust. SmallWorld's team can be summarized by those 5 attributes. SmallWorld surpassed all expectations, enabling our organization to grow across multiple environments.

Jamie Jenkins, Founder, Conscious Consulting


Develop to Inspire

Conscious Consulting grew in identity through our experience platform. To be in the consulting industry is a very difficult road to navigate - heavily dependant on "what you do". We were able to embody the product that is Conscious Consulting.

Discover Differences

The digital experiences needed to synchronize with the physical experiences of working with Conscious Consulting. We created a system allowing potential clients to become familiar with Conscious Consulting and understand its value in a very short period of time.

"SmallWorld delivered more than I could have ever imagined in just three weeks. In the DFW metroplex, timing is everything. After venturing previous work from 13 separate organizations, we were blown away by the skill, communication, transparency, and trust SmallWorld's team established and held throughout the project."

Jamie Jenkins, Founder, Conscious Consulting

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