Our mission

Simplifying digital products

Building an app is difficult, so we make it easy. We do that by understanding speed is innovation, by believing great people make great products, by shaping the world with meaningful work, and by creating as often as every day.

Based in Los Angeles, California, SmallWorld Consulting, LLC includes the SmallWorld and Baseline brands.


Speed is innovation


Great people make great products


Shape the world with meaningful work


Create as often as every day

Jake Curreri | SmallWorld

Jake Curreri


“There is a real need for leadership in the digital world, for someone to help create great digital products. SmallWorld does just that. We build and advise on digital products for a wide range of clients, from big Fortune 50 companies to new startups. Since 2015, we've grown into a company that not only understands digital products but excels in making them successful.”