Fitness One

Transforming a standard gym into a scalable fitness chain

Fitness One is a multi-state fitness chain with locations across New Mexico, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. They are re-imagining the typical box-fitness experience, providing their members with innovative group fitness, free On Demand digital content, and exclusive partner programs.

Fitness One | SmallWorld
Fitness One | SmallWorld

digital transformation

Fitness One partnered with SmallWorld to emerge as one of the leading chains in the fitness industry. Over the course of 5 years, our team built the Fitness One app, lead two membership software transitions, pioneered competitive loyalty programs, and designed innovative fitness modalities such as 220-X, These tools allowed the fitness chain to scale operations far beyond the normal gym.

Fitness One became one of the first fitness clubs to have such a robust digital audience, with user adoption nearly unheard of in the industry. With a steady guardrail, Fitness One was able to evolve from a standard club into a scalable business, benefiting its member experience nationwide.


Fitness One partners with over 30 vendors to provide a unique fitness experience to over 50,000 lifetime members.

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