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Next-generation devices to
improve diabetes care

SFC Fluidics developed a small, low-cost, highly accurate, and software-driven disposable pump that is well-suited to a wide range of injectable drugs. Controlled by a smartphone app, this stand-alone pump allows better adherence to prescribed therapy which allows patients with diabetes to live an active lifestyle.

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$2.9m in NIH funding

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SFC Fluidics partnered with SW to develop the smartphone app that controlled the stand-alone pump. In total, they have received $1.5M and $1.4M, respectively, in two phases of funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Our development team worked with an electrical engineering firm to design and build the device that administers insulin. We also provided expertise for future rounds of funding from the NIH to enable FDA submission approval.

Our partnership continues to tackle digital health and provide diabetes patients with a cost-effective, and efficient healthcare solution.

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FDA’s Breakthrough Device Designation

In December 2020, SFC Fluidics received recognition for healthcare innovation with FDA’s Breakthrough Device Designation.



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