Nike Sport (NSC)

Guiding a fortune 50
into digital fitness

When Sport, a brand belonging to a Fortune 50 Athletic Lifestyle Company, wanted to launch into digital fitness, we discovered a bigger opportunity: creating a way for their love of wellness to pioneer the best social+ fitness platform in the world.

Speed is innovation

After meeting with the Sport team at IHRSA, an international fitness conference, we began a comprehensive vendor selection process that included the best management gym software in the industry. Through that process, we found their biggest opportunity was to leverage the APIs of these platforms, integrating each into their own mobile app: the SPORT app.

As we socialized the SPORT app around the greater Athletic Lifestyle company, we learned what made them so unique in the fitness world–dedication to making sport a daily habit. It became clear that the digital experience needed to honor this vision while delivering value to the business.

The SPORT app became the place where athletes could connect, set goals, and play new together. And just like in their physical gyms, athletes could take fitness classes, reserve studios, engage with their favorite coaches, and learn new sports.

What started as a vendor selection project became a movement to make sport a daily habit for employees–for athletes–globally.

The app that’s redefining social+ fitness

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